Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Drawing Lab Reflection

      A strength this term was exploring new materials that I had never used before. It was interesting to see how each one was used and how different they were. Out of all the new materials that I explored I really enjoyed the watercolors. Class did not seem like as much of a challenge as some other classes have been for me. This was because that I knew most of the things that were being taught and some of the basic rules. The project that I am most proud of this year was the text project. I thought that it came out really well and I like the secret and hidden part to it because that is what makes people so interested in it. Over all my thoughts and feelings about this class and my work this term was well accomplished I got many art pieces done and they were with materials that I had never done before. I do wish that the class was more challenging for me because I want to become a better artist.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Map Project

     For the map project I first started off with Lily taking a side photo of me then I cut out my face and painted it with black so it would look like a silhouette. 
Then I just started to draw of objects that I thought were symbolic of things in my mind or things that have happened. I drew over pencil with sharpie to give it more of a definite line and I added color with watercolor. The objects in the photo are as follows: A factory (With billowing smoke), A faucet with the water turned out (which then turns into a waterfall which then turns into a polluted lake. Then the lake turns into a river and flows under a watermill. A hurricane lantern, the Arc De Triumph, a flashlight burning something, an old record player with a dog listening to Fur Elise coming out of it, and then a tree. 

Final Personal Project

For my final piece I did a short text project. I found my old journals and sketchbooks from when I was in middle school and wrote down sentences and recreated drawings. Some of the things that I said were pretty odd.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


     When I was little my grandmother would read me Japanese stories. They were picture books that were written in Japanese. They were my favorite childhood stories and I wanted to do something with the beautiful pictures. For each picture I reconstructed I used different materials. The images were what I thought represented the book. The reason why I wanted to use different materials for each picture was because I thought it would be a challenge for me.
The Story Of Two Foxes

                                                                Peach Boy

The Cut Tongue Sparrow

The Monkey And the Crab
Peach Boy

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Text Project

     Brainstorming for the text project I came up with many ideas. First I wrote down five names, "Mimi, Grayson, Carmen, Jen, and Molly." From there I wrote down words that make me think of them. After thinking for a long time I decided that i wanted to keep the project anonymous. So it would still be about someone but only I would know. I began to write long, handwritten, cursive letters. But instead of writing to who it was to it was just, "Dear ___," There ended up being 20 letters. Three of which were typed in different fonts. Mostly because we had to have different fonts and sizes. All the letters were different and each one leading into the next. It was a story. A Letter Love Story. For the twenty first card I wrote in a black card "Dear ___," but instead of the blank I wrote the person's name. Then I taped it, put it in a while envelope, taped that, then put that into another white envelope, then on that envelope I waxed it. In the olden days they used to do that and since we had to include one body part I put an imprint of an eye on the wax. Which I cut out of an eraser type material. After all the letters were written I hung up a white string beween two chairs then wrapped a red string around it (to add more color). Taking wooden clothes pins I put them on the long and glued them to the cards so that they would hang down without falling. If you read them in order they tell a story. Letters from me to ___.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Birthday Card

     Taking a break from my other drawings to make a quick birthday card for my friend Jess' 17 birthday. Just a one day project and tomorrow I will return to my big project that I am working on.
On the front of this card is a balloon with a string hanging from it. Inside the card are two strings that hold up the two words, "Happy Birthday."