Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Video Notes #2

New York Close Up Notes

  • Enterprise in solitude
  • Hard to do something that is not justified in anything
  • Indulgent about painting
  • Unique mark making
  • Inspired by the city
    • Doesn't realize it
  • Hiding and exposing
  • She doesn't seem like that confident of an artist
  • Her work space seems fairly large and full of materials and art books
  • Has a view of Manhattan from her window
In this piece that she did I like the soft color tones and slow fade. The sharp angles and soft circles juxtaposed on each other also make it beautiful. Most of her work seems to be in large scale and this could be because she has a large space to work with which also makes me think that if I worked in a larger room would my work be larger? I doubt it but it's and interesting concept.

Artist Chuck Close Notes To Self

  • He had a monkey!
  • Don't look at parameters that don't apply
  • Portraits
  • Inspiration is for amateurs
  • Process
  • Uses is disabilities
  • No one gets anywhere without help
    • Everyone needs to feel special
  • Can get past difficulties
  • Break down a huge problem
  • Someone worse off than you

In the short show we were quickly able to see a painting move from an erect position to a sideways position by a machine (that I assume was holding it from party behind). He uses these types of machines to make up for his disabilities but he also uses his disabilities for inspiration for his art work. His art space was also "his" in a way that it fit him like a mold; everything had to placed in specific places and heights, because there is only so much that he can access. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Senior Studio Spaces

208 Squares #2

The quotation that I used was from: The Civilization of Souls 

Unaware of opposing forces
Burning dwellings, smoke is rising
Destruction of a village
Women silenced except their crying
Then confronted by metallic horsemen
To assert law and order
Our days of pillage are ended
Shackled and bound to one another

MFA Field-Trip

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Video Notes

Sports Video Notes
  • Conductor and quarterback
  • Pace
  • Tempo
  • Synchronized
  • Symphony orchestra
  • Not about dictating
  • Also about acting
  • Leaders
    • Work starts before game or symphony
  • Brining level of excellence
  • Have to know what you are going for
  • Responsibly
  • Function of every rule
  • Controlling the present but also be able to know whats coming next
  • Symbols
  • Motion
  • Emotion
  • Result
  • Preparing for an art project
  • I can relate to the sports aspect
  • Fencing is a lot like both
Notes On How To Make A Joke Video
  • Wasting time to waste other peoples times
  • Secret
  • Think of something that you think is funny
  • Like song writing
  • How to start the joke, make connections, and then end it
  • Inappropriate and undeserving
  • Having a system of something that works for me 
  • I like humor but it needs to be a certain type of joke for me to laugh sometimes (Especially for people who write comedy)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Twyla Tharp: The Creative Habit


  • "You need a tangible idea to get you going."
  • "I call it scratching...I'm digging through everything to find something."
  • 'Where do you get your ideas?' "Where do you find the air you breathe?"
  • "Don't scratch for big ideas."
  • "That is why you scratch for little ideas. Without the little ideas, there are no big ideas."
  • "Stoping my conscious mind."
  • "Reading, conversation, environment, culture, heroes, mentors, natures - all are lottery tickets for creativity."
  • "Art is not about minimizing risk and delivering work that is guaranteed to please. Artists have bigger goals.
  • "In creative endeavors luck is a skill."
  • "Relying too much on others, even in an inevitably collaborative process, makes you lazy."
  • "Another trap is the belief that everything has to be perfect before you can take the next step."
  • "Time, for example, is our most limited resource, but it is not the enemy of creativity that we think it is."
  • "Whom the gods wish to destroy, they give unlimited resources."
  • Scratching: looking for ideas
  • How artists scratch
  • Where do ideas truly come from
    • Everywhere
  • Forms of ideas
  • Don't think about the big picture/idea
  • Taking it one little step at a time: the small stuff counts
  • Improvising
  • Moving
  • Results
  • Retain
  • Breaking/finding a loop-hole around bad ideas/morals, and consciences
  • Getting crazy and free
  • Generare, retain, inspect, and transform
  • Different ways of getting ideas
    • Every day conversation
    • Peoples' handiwork
    • Reading
    • Mentors
    • Heroes
    • Nature
    • Culture
  • Combination of ideas
  • Going out of the norm
    • Trying not to please but to create
  • Be in shape
  • Scratch in the best places
  • Screwing up can be good
  • Never scratch in the same place twice
  • Maintain the white hot pitch
  • Not thinking about the product
  • Natural evolution of ideas/work
  • Capturing moments and emotions
  • Luck is a skill
  • Taking risks
  • Locking yourself into a predetermined course
  • Money
    • Distraction but also can be a cheep sense of creativity
  • Other people
  • Don't strive for perfection at the start
  • Time is not the enemy of creativity
  • Obligation
    • Flimsy base for creativity
  • Total self-reliance and exquisite planning 

208 Squares #1

Every week we are going to be assigned a square with a theme or topic on the other side. We can use any material and there aren't many limitations or restrictions. My topic today was "electronic". I thought about how electronics are every where around us today and so commonly used. Are they they controlling us?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Thoughts

When I was younger I worked with clay, paper, paint, pencil, and a lot more. Pencil, I thought was the only material that I was successful in until I reached Beaver. In Beaver I have learned to work with tons of materials and was able to discover that I was able to work with them as well. Most of my work was 2D but the more I worked with different materials the more 3D my artwork became. For senior studio I only have a two small ideas on what I want to do and how I want to do it. One of them is with color blind images, glow in the dark paint, and fluorescent paint. The other one I have to research more to see what materials I can use, in which case I might need help finding/working with. When it comes to artists I have and old fashioned taste: John Singer Sargent, Michelangelo, and Vincent van Gogh. It amazes me on their processes and techniques.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Final Project For Mash-Up


Translucency Project

In this project I was continuing my theme of evolution through time (past, present, and future). I used found organic material, paper cut outs of past animals and plants, drawings on paper towel of futuristic animals, and a human skull drawn from Sharpie in the middle.

The Pattern And Repetition Project

Although I didn't follow the guidelines fully the project still made my theme and statement come though. In the piece my statement is on the new age of food and how pesticides and genetically modified food is ruining more than just our health.

The Curator Project


Juxtaposition Project

In this project we were to make a project using different types of stitches that we learned. It had to relate to our theme (Evolution) and contain two different types of stitches. Mine were the running stitch and the backstitch. My project is supposed to relate to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and make a statement about human rights.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last Two Weeks

Monday: 11/11

  • Went to shadow day for Mount Holyoke College
Tuesday: 11/12
  • Finished spray-painting triangle
  • Drew skeleton arm
  • Started sewing
Wednesday: 11/13
  • X-Block
Thursday: 11/14
  • Present Curator Project
Friday: 11/15
  • Bring in matches
  • Experiment with burning cloth
Monday: 11/18
  • Adding sewing part to project
Tuesday: 11/19
  • Add different materials (Patchwork)
  • Sew on patchwork
Wednesday: 11/20
  • Start to finish up sewing project
Thursday: 11/21
  • Finish project
  • Reflect
Friday: 11/22
  • Add blog posts
  • Take pictures of work
  • Write down sizes
  • Clean up area
  • Get ready for Senior Studio

Friday, November 1, 2013

Reflection Nov. 1

Looking Back:
  • Finished my patterns and repetition project
  • Started thinking of an idea for the juxtaposition project
  • Practiced different types of stitches

Looking Forward:
  • Start curator project
  • Start juxtaposition project

  • Sometimes I need help to decide if a project is officially finished or not
  • I'm having trouble thinking of a juxtaposition project

Friday, October 11, 2013

Reflection Oct. 11

Looking Back:

  • Officially finished my translucency project
  • Practiced with different mediums such as spray paint and stamps
    • Carved a stamp
  • Started a tiny bit of the new project (maybe)

Looking Forward:

  • This weekend I need to work on more of an idea since I missed most of today's class
  • Get started on my project


  • I don't like the Friday schedule
  • My spray-paint skills aren't that great on the other hand I made a good stencil and stamp