Sunday, February 27, 2011

Art 21 Reflection #3

Contemporary Art-Loss & Desire
      1# Collier Schorr
Collier Schorr was interested in photographing people acting like something they are not or the opposites of themselves. She liked the similarities and differences between things. At the beginning of the video she photographed boys wrestling. Although I don't really see the art in wrestling she like the masculinity. She liked to see the devastation and exhaustion in her photos. She also took pictures of boys acting like girls Schorr wanted to have her photos be a feminine vs. masculine theme. Her photos were somewhat like short films, the people would act to be the character that she wanted in the photo and the pictures had a small plot. A story that you could think up while looking at the picture. 
       2# Gabriel Orozco
Gabriel Orozco also took photos. He used everyday life and misplaced items. Orozco crafted a car to look regular on the side but then of you walked to the front of the car you realized it was narrower than usual. He wanted to show the different perspectives that the car had. He had a curiosity for things but his curiosity made his art. Orozco would take games such as ping-pong and would make it into a new game with the same rules but just change something with it. For example he to two ping-pong tables and split them in half to be and arranged them to be in the shape of a square. In the middle of the ping-pong table he put a small pond. He also made clay sculptures to photograph or took the little things in life and made them look bigger like they had more purpose. 

      3# Janine Antoni
Janine Antoni do I putt this...a WEIRDO! She was also a bit self centered. Anyways she made this rope using different materials. The rope was symbolizing connections. Antoni made illusions by taking herself doing many different things such as walking on a rope that was above the water so when the rope bent it looked like she was walking on the horizon. She used herself in her art...a lot... even making her art. She painted a floor black using her own hair!

(This theme only had three videos instead of four.)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Process Reflection #2

     This week I accomplished not a lot but I started to work on my final project. I'm not close to being done but at least it's a start. Many things have been going on and I feel kind of stressed from other things (outside of art) and sometimes it is hard for me to get every thing done...including the blogs.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Art 21 Reflection #2

Modern Art
1st Video:
       The first video was on a photographer, Laurie Simmons. She was a quiet person who was never really allowed to show her feelings. She learned though that she could show her feeling through her photography and movies.  Simmons made some movies using hand puppets. Although the puppets didn't have any emotion on their faces she made them have emotion and made it humorous as well. Laurie Simmons also made a short play using people dressed up as random objects. The point she wanted to make was being noticed and having a chance to shine.

2nd Video:
      The second video was of Lari Pittman who wanted his paintings/drawing to have a vague meaning. He wanted the viewer to be very critical and think what they wanted.  Pittman wanted his painting to be very dramatic and somewhat violent. He also wanted to show a life death cycle in his work. For me his art is too vague and hard to really understand. I thought his pictures were strange and way overwhelming, there was too much going on.

3rd Video:
      In the third video Judy Pfaff was talking about how she like to make her art and physical art. She like to use big, heavy duty tools to make her art, such as burning tools. She made big canvas "drawings" out of fire, paint, and metal. She like to wield metal and get her hands dirty. Pfaff made her art have emotion. She also made sculptress that were eccentric. She took this huge tree root and made a huge sculpture out of it. Her art was very interesting but I couldn't really see the point.

4th Video:
      The fourth video was of Pierre Huyghe. He wanted his art to create a world for people, bring out the emotion. When he filmed he used music to set the tone and shapes. He wanted to create a myth for people. He used puppets and humor. Huyghe like to use humor because he thought it was kind of like braking the rules. To me his art was creepy but in a way kind of natural.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Process Reflection #1

What did you accomplish this week? 
Getting the portrait half way done, getting in many blog posts, and getting the group mural done.

What challenges did you face? 
Frustration with the portrait and trying to hurry by getting the mural done

What are the next steps? What do you plan to do in the week ahead? 
I plan to get the portrait done and start on the independent project. I Hope to get most of it done next week. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project Planning

     The plan that I had in mind for my final project was to make a video out of a whole bunch of videos, just like Pes does. I was thinking of using Legos but I don't know yet what I'm going to do with them yet (story wise). It will be fun but I just need to finish everything else first.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sketchbook Archeology

    It seems so long ago when we first got our sketchbooks and got to start making our covers. My cover fell off a while ago so I replaced it with a non decorative piece of cardboard (Very uninteresting though). When I look through my sketchbook I notice when I get farther and farther into it that it's not just drawing anymore, it changes from paintings, cutting out things, and 'messing things up. As I said sometime before "I realized that I can do more than draw." Art class has made a difference on my art because it expanded me to more than just drawing. Although drawing to occur a lot in my sketchbook there are also some collages, paintings, cutting paper, cartoons, and writing.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Initial Reflection

    During art class this year I have learned so much. Art class always takes the daily stress away from school and it has been really fun just being able to be 'free' in this class. The past two terms I have learned many important rules about art and some things about myself. I can do more than just draw and I like feedback on my work. In my old school we never really had much class time to draw or do something for our selves that we can keep, except with clay. So if I drew a picture out of class and showed my art teacher she wouldn't really seem to care, she mostly wanted us to do crafts for the school store. Which really got boring after a while!
    Some of the more difficult things that we have had to do in class, I think, would be the group projects. It is hard to decide on one thing and agree on it, especially with a larger group. Once we do decide on something it gets easier from there. 
    What I can 'take home' from art class is the knowledge. This sound kind of cheesy but I really can, I have learned a lot this year and I can't look at art the same way as I did before. Art has been really great and I'm sad to see it end!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art 21 Reflection #1

     The first little skit was of Eleanor Antin. She was a photographer who liked to take pictures of the past such as ancient Rome. She also like taking fun pictures of objects in different terrains. The Roman pictures were great, I thought this was a great skit because I love ancient Rome and Greek culture. She wanted people to get a feeling of what it was like in the past compared to now. Some of the other photos that Antin took were of 100 boots. She took many picture of boots 'waking' around the corner or to church. They were amusing, funny, and random pictures.
     She was a also dancer and really didn't think much of it but she thought it was a funny skill to have.

     The Second artist was a cartoonist who used words in his paintings to describe his pictures. He also made the scariest and creepiest things funny. Raymond Pettibon used poems, sentences from books, or his own writings. His pictures were kind of creepy most of the time so I didn't really like his work, but I did find it interesting how he would combine writing and painting. Some of the painting that I did like were of his trains. The trains had a lot of feeling to them and you could really come up with a story to go behind it.

      The third painter was Elizabeth Murray. She did these wacky, humorous, out of control paintings. She had all these shapes that wouldn't naturally be see together but she some how made them connect. When she made her paintings Elizabeth would first cut out shape then she would blend in colors, even the paint out, and do some wacky things to the paintings. The shapes were meant to build contrast especially when she added bright color to them, but in the end all the shapes ended up blending together. Murray would use other peoples criticism and art work to help with making her paintings (As we do in art class). She pained because she felt free and just had fun doing it.
      The fourth artist was a very peculiar artist. Walton Ford did painting and prints. He used animals in his work but he used them in a interesting way. For prints he wanted to make them look antique, just like Audibon's prints. But he made the animals (mostly birds) do weird stuff like attacking each other or doing something violent. He also puts them in odd places, It is kind of what we are doing in art class this weak. We are making a clay sculpture of an animal where you would think you woudn't usually see it .
     At first when you look at the painting you think: Wow it's beautiful! Then when you look close at it you see that something is wrong or out of place. Although most of the painting are somewhat creepy they are also pretty neat at the same time.