Thursday, November 21, 2013

Final Project For Mash-Up

Translucency Project

In this project I was continuing my theme of evolution through time (past, present, and future). I used found organic material, paper cut outs of past animals and plants, drawings on paper towel of futuristic animals, and a human skull drawn from Sharpie in the middle.

The Pattern And Repetition Project

Although I didn't follow the guidelines fully the project still made my theme and statement come though. In the piece my statement is on the new age of food and how pesticides and genetically modified food is ruining more than just our health.

The Curator Project

Juxtaposition Project

In this project we were to make a project using different types of stitches that we learned. It had to relate to our theme (Evolution) and contain two different types of stitches. Mine were the running stitch and the backstitch. My project is supposed to relate to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and make a statement about human rights.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last Two Weeks

Monday: 11/11

  • Went to shadow day for Mount Holyoke College
Tuesday: 11/12
  • Finished spray-painting triangle
  • Drew skeleton arm
  • Started sewing
Wednesday: 11/13
  • X-Block
Thursday: 11/14
  • Present Curator Project
Friday: 11/15
  • Bring in matches
  • Experiment with burning cloth
Monday: 11/18
  • Adding sewing part to project
Tuesday: 11/19
  • Add different materials (Patchwork)
  • Sew on patchwork
Wednesday: 11/20
  • Start to finish up sewing project
Thursday: 11/21
  • Finish project
  • Reflect
Friday: 11/22
  • Add blog posts
  • Take pictures of work
  • Write down sizes
  • Clean up area
  • Get ready for Senior Studio

Friday, November 1, 2013

Reflection Nov. 1

Looking Back:
  • Finished my patterns and repetition project
  • Started thinking of an idea for the juxtaposition project
  • Practiced different types of stitches

Looking Forward:
  • Start curator project
  • Start juxtaposition project

  • Sometimes I need help to decide if a project is officially finished or not
  • I'm having trouble thinking of a juxtaposition project