Sunday, December 16, 2012

Art Ideas

These images are of other peoples' work in art portfolio and in the future maybe I can work off of an idea that I got from their work process. 

Eric's Spray-paint Art

Alexandra Barnard Pottery

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Windows And Doors

1) How have artists throughout history used windows and doors in their work to show more than one space?

  • Two different stories → One window/door could show one aspect while the other door could show another
  • Lighting → Different moods
  • Inside and outside → Nature
  • Moods → Different lights create different moods 
  • Shapes and light → Geometric shapes

2) How can windows and doors work on an emotional or metaphorical level to communicate big ideas?

  • Freedom
    • Closed door/window could mean the blocking of freedom 
    • Someone opening a door or window could mean the want of freedom 
    • Open window/door could mean the ability to have freedom → More relaxed setting (Less tension) 
  • Safety 
    • Closed door/window might mean that someone is safe 
    • A closing of a door or window could mean that someone is trying to get free from the outside world or things that might harm them
    • An open window or door could mean that someone or something is more susceptible to harm (Burglary, murder, stealing, ect.)
  • Any of these can add emotion to the artwork by adding a story, tension, calming, or really any kind of emotion. This is what the artist is trying to do → Open up your emotions make the person who is looking at the artwork feel something weather it is dislike, controversy, or happiness. 
  • Controversy in the painting gets people talking
Starting The Project
Other artists images:
Dining Room in the Country, 1913
Pierre Bonnard 

Wind From the Sea, 1947
Andrew Wyeth

Hallway 3, 2008
Gage Opdenbrouw
My images:
Suki, Dedham MA

Raindrops On Car Window, Duxbury MA

My Dad In Silhouette, Puerto Rico

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Japanese Theme

      In freshman year I started a project that I never got around to finishing. It was my only art project that I really did not get done so I brought it in to finish it. It was a drawing and it was supposed to represent my grandmother. It is the Japanese Rising Sun flag and in the red there are mostly bad memories and in the white memories she thinks of.
Japanese Rising Sun Flag
In the right hand corner I drew a picture of my grandmother and my grandfather, it was their wedding photo.
My Grandmother And Grandfather's Wedding Photo
In the top right hand corner I drew the Vermont flag because that is where my grandfather is from. On that same side I put 1996 and 1961 because those are the years of my birth and my mom's. The left hand side has the man-of-war Jellyfish. When my grandmother was little her brother got stung by many man-of-war Jellyfish and she has been scared of the swimming ever-since. To the right of the Jellyfish there is a tree because, like me, my grandmother was a little trouble maker. When she was little she tied her brother up to a tree because he was bothering her. So the tree represents that moment that she thinks fondly of. On the bottom left hand corner there is a close up drawing of the Japanese wood block painting of "The Wave" and the pages of Beethoven's music floating in it. My grandmother loved Beethoven as a child and she remembers listening to it with her father.
The Great Wave
Next to that I put a Singer sewing machine because this is a memory that she has with her mother. Because her mother taught her how to sew.
        The part I needed to finish was the middle. Before I had the solders in Hirojima lifting up the American flag. But I did not like the idea of war in the middle of her life so instead I drew a lady holding a samurai sword. For some reason this image reminded me of women's rights in Japan because men were the ones that went out and fought but this women looked like a samurai. My grandmother told me before that women's rights in her time was much different than it is now. And that they were just suppose to stay home, cook, and raise the children. I also tried to paint similar to the Japanese wood block paintings. To the right of the women I drew a line of people traveling thought the mountains. My grandmother has had a different life than a lot other people and she has traveled a long way to be where she is today. So this picture represents the journey of her life. I drew both of these in the island of Shikoku in which she was born and raised in.

Around the Island I wrote worlds in Japanese such as "Japan", "Mimi", "Emma", "Paula" "Jack" and "Shikoku".
The Final Product

     The start of the new term started the next project. For this term I really want to get more done then I did last term. Which means small projects. This next project I got from a website called Pintrest. It was a quick process that I got done in two days. The first day I painted a black tree (without any leaves). The next day I mixed some paint to get a pink color and I took a plastic Coca-Cola bottle and dipped it into the paint and then placed it on the paper. The final result made the painting look like a Japanese cherry blossom tree.
The Final Product Of The Japanese Cherry Tree