Thursday, February 6, 2014

Exhibition Formats

Andy Goldsworthy:
       Andy Goldsworthy manipulates objects from nature to create his pieces. If his pieces were in a gallery then they would seem out of contents/place. Part of its beauty is the picture itself and definitely its setting. These pieces interest me because he didn't really manipulate the nature objects in a way that would destroy them or the setting around it. It is a peaceful way of working and could even be left there to compost and deteriorate. For some reason I really like that idea.

Shepard Fairey:
      Shepard Fairly has a lot of political influence and strong opinions. He isn't afraid to show the world his art and opinions even if it involves getting in a bit of trouble. In most of my work I try to have some sort of meaning or story behind it and to me Shepard Fairey's work is the epitome of that. His work would look good in a museum but having it be outside, susceptible to weather, people, and other wear and tear, has more meaning to it. It's putting himself out there.

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